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The Protection and the Control of a Small Off-Grid System

protectionNowadays, runs an intensive research in development area of energy system with specific requirements, so-called SMART-Grid and Off-Grid. Researchers deal with this phenomenon at several levels across the spectrum, e.g. in scientific research teams, commercial teams and private sector - represented by multinational companies and investments groups. Specific requirements include energy independence of external power supply, operation with equally generation-consumption balance, maximal utilization of renewable energy sources and utilization of the energy storage covering the energy deficit and vice versa. In most cases is generally discussing only the benefits and proactive development direction of these concepts, but as usually with every product, there is no longer mentions the issues of the operations in long time term. The goal of this paper is to point out the operation issues of SMART-Grid and Off-Grid systems with specific requirements, especially with regard to the protection methods and abnormal operating conditions as well as the possibility of using a Multiagent system for the management and the control of a small Off-Grid system.


 The energy concept of "SMART" Grid system has been developed in the campus of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. This concept respects the specific requirements to power supply the self-sufficient house in Off-Grid mode. The selection of energy sources and storage system were based on the energy consumption of a typical family house, as well as of the amount of initial investment. [1]
In order to analyze the energy flows inside the system was built up a monitoring system that provides enough data informations to evaluate the individual component parameters of the system. This monitoring system is able to evaluate the power quality parameters as well as short circuit conditions of the system. An important part of Off-Grid system is the design and implementation the short circuit and overload protection. Family house is a basic cell of SMART-Grid, where is necessary to begin the development in protection system. SMART-Grid should be composed of many family houses as well as another type of energy units with specific requirements, e.g. bi-directional energy flows, etc. An intensive research in this field is in progress at the University of Žilina, where sophisticated simulation software, based on artificial intelligence using Multi Agent System (MAS), has been developed. This system was primary designed for the development and the testing of MAS applications oriented on the power restoration in medium voltage networks [2], [3], [4].
However, its open architecture enables to test the applicability of MAS control in other applications too, e.g. the management and the control of a small Off-Grid system. 

Please see full lenght paper entitled The Protection and the Control of a Small Off-Grid System

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