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HomeHeuristic Approach to Active Demand Side Management in Off-Grid Systems Operated in a Smart-Grid Environment

Heuristic Approach to Active Demand Side Management in Off-Grid Systems Operated in a Smart-Grid Environment

ADSMThis paper presents a heuristic approach to Active Demand Side Management in the Off-Grid systems with a set of specific requirements. The tests were performed on the smart house platform developed at VSB–Technical University of Ostrava campus, Czech Republic in order to accomplish the effective design, testing, operation and analysis of the proposed system. These results consequently consist of a prerequisite for the development of new leading-edge power distribution systems in the Off-Grid environment and for improvement of the efficiency, security and reliability of the existing systems.





In recent years, the development of Smart-Grid technology has been posed as one of the greatest achievement in the power sector, due to deployment of renewable energy sources (RESs) and the application of sophisticated control algorithm on power converters for grid interconnection [1], [2] and [3]. There are several tools which are needed in order to obtain the benefits we envision from Smart-Grids. To deserve the attribute "Smart", the Grid has to be operated under a specific set of requirements, namely: (i) autonomous operation without a dependence on energy from external power grids (ii) operation with an equable generation-consumption balance, (iii) possibility of energy storage, (iv) predominant use of RESs, (v) capability to serve non-traditional loads, (vi) new type of grid protection allowing for a bi-directional power flow, and finally (vii) Active Demand Side Management [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9] and [10].

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